Zombie Good Life Coloring Book


Nov 20, 2015

Zombie Good Life is a brand that Penny Vital founded in 2009.  Once Jesse and Penny partnered up, the brand expanded and evolved as Jesse’s artistic talents were meshed with Penny’s art direction.

There has been a bit of a lull on ZGL posts and new content, as V1TAL World Creative was being restructured and the focus turned to overall expansion and a foray into conventions and expos.

ZGL has not expired nor faded into oblivion….as we now bring you the first ever Zombie Good Life Coloring Book!

ZGL Coloring Book 1  ZGL Coloring Book 2

20 pages of brain munching, walking dead antics that you and/or your little ones can enjoy coloring in!  This is the perfect gift for zombie fans of all ages!

At this year’s CTN animation eXpo, V1TAL World Creative will have these available at booth T213.  You can buy a coloring book at the convention or join the newsletter and spin-to-win a FREE coloring book.

The Zombie Good Life coloring book and full color comic book have both been added to V1TAL World Creative’s store for purchase online.


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