True to the Genre – DEATHGASM


Dec 27, 2015

In 2015, JESSE V1TAL of V1TAL World Creative, was hired by Vodka Creative to envision a movie poster for a heavy metal, horror film called DEATHGASM.  After viewing the flick, JESSE created a piece that paid homage to the heavy metal theme and the comedic sexual overtones that occurred, such as when a demon is slayed with a two headed black dildo.

It’s horror.  It’s comedy.  It’s f****** HEAVY METAL!!!

Deathgasm Final by Jesse V1tal

Distributors took elements from the original art work and had it reworked by The Robot Eye into a final, more mainstream, finish, as seen here:

Deathgasm Mainstream Finish

One reviewer’s comment on the final poster above ^^^^^ –
“I love metal. I love horror……Love the movie. Love the poster. You know what it’s all about just by looking at it. One side note though. I would have liked to have seen a more Heavy Metal album cover look to the poster.” – Gruesome Magazine

Deathgasm producer, Ant Timpson, and Deathgasm director and creator, Jason Lei Howden, saw JESSE’s original art work posted on his twitter account, plus a few of the NSFW alternates…..specifically this one…….

NSFW Deathgasm

……after posting on their accounts and re-posting by fans, the original piece ended up on a article and was titled “The Most NSFW Poster Ever.”

Sometimes, you gotta give the people what they want…..


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