#MashUpMonday – Beastie Boys


Jan 25, 2016

In-house illustrator and creative director, JESSE V1TAL, started his Mash Up series with a Beastie Boys vs Rampage poster.

The Beastie Boys have a huge fan base, but even amongst fans very few know that they started as a 4-person hardcore punk group, which included drummer Kate Schellenbach.

JESSE, hailing from the East Coast punk scene, did know that fact.  So when Kate’s colleague dropped by the V1TAL World Creative booth at ComiKaze 2015, and expressed his admiration for the mash up, JESSE offered to send Kate a print.

In the end, not only did we send Kate a signed print, but she agreed to sign one in return.

Beastie Boys Signed

Close Up Signature

It’s now framed and proudly hangs in the V1TAL World Creative office.


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