Interview with Jesse V1tal, CTN animation eXpo Re-Cap


Nov 24, 2015

You just finished your first CTN animation eXpo.  What was the highlight of your experience?

The highlight was meeting Adam Hughes, who is famous for his pinup infused comic book covers for D.C. and Marvel.  He wasn’t on any of the boards or a booked exhibitor, but I recognized him sitting in the Daily Grill.  Adam signed a copy of his book for me, on the spot!  It’s unexpected moments like this that can make attending or exhibiting in a convention 100% worth it.

CTN attendees are quite often students and aspiring artists.  As a seasoned, professional artist, what questions were posed to you the most?

Mostly people wanted feedback on their personal projects or on their portfolios.  Sometimes it’s hard to tell people that their work needs to be more commercial because, in all honesty, it’s the last thing I want to say.  But it’s often the thing they need to hear the most if they want to have a a lucrative career.

Was there a piece of your work, either original or a commercial project, that seemed to bring about the most questions and interest?

Yeah, everybody was asking why I mashed up Frank Sinatra with the Jolly Green giant, which I thought was obvious because Sinatra was such a giant in the entertainment industry….an actor, a singer, a legend.

After wrapping two conventions, how do you feel the experience has enhanced your outlook as an artist and business owner?

Well, I had been living in such a bubble with my work for so long, that getting opinions from the public was a bit of a shock to my system.  Because people really love to see art and you can sometimes forget that when you’re working so much in the studio.  I was very inspired and feel more driven than ever to keep doing more of what we’re already doing at V1TAL World.


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