Interview with Jesse V1TAL, ComiKaze 2015 Recap


Nov 06, 2015

Jesse, what made you decide to draw the cosplayers of ComiKaze 2015?

I have a tradition of life drawing in my background. I thought it would be cool to bring that to ComiKaze rather than drawing super heroes during the convention….which is what most artists do.

Did you have a favorite among the group?

Initially my favorite was seeing Ash done so well by Florencio.  Then the next day I saw the Cobra Commander walking around and his fascist style and chrome face spoke to me on a level that I didn’t realize I would feel.  I guess it goes back deeper into my childhood and my past.  I was in 2nd grade when I watched that show.

Did anything at ComiKaze inspire future convention setups?  Or even future mashups?

Oh, definitely.  What I’m used to is art shows, so a convention is like trying to do an art show in a little booth area.  There are some exhibitors who handled it much better and that I can steal some tricks from.  

I was surprised to see certain characters done more than others.  I’m a fan of the classics.  There were many characters from newer video games that I didn’t recognize. Several of the anime characters stood out to me and it opened my eyes to how many fans were into that genre.

What’s next for you and your mashup series?

I have dozens of ideas, so it’s always hard to pick the one I want to do next.  But I’ve been working on Beck as Link from Legend of Zelda, which is a special mashup for me cause I got to work on the Legend of Zelda game, called Hyrule Warriors, last year for an advertising agency.  So this is the first time I will be illustrating something I was paid to illustrate commercially.

Where can fans of Jesse V1TAL and V1TAL World Creative see you next?

My partner and I have a booth reserved at CTN in Burbank, in two weeks.  It’s a smaller convention geared to animation and industry connections.  We’re hoping our illustration services stand out and bring in a diverse clientele.  Fans can always find us at or on my personal artist website


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